During an initial consult and treatment, the TCM practitioner completes a patient’s health intake, and then performs a comprehensive intake and exam to determine the patient’s primary symptoms and general health. The physical exam may resemble a more conventional exam, including vital signs such as weight, temperature, and blood pressure. It will include a more detailed examination of the pulse and tongue, as well as abdominal palpation and facial diagnosis.

Most Common Treatment
  • ACUPUNTURE– Acupuncture involves the gentle insertion and stimulation of thin disposable needles at strategic points on the body.
  • CUPPING– The application of negative pressure devices onto specific acupuncture points to relieve respiratory congestion and pain.
  • HERBAL THERAPY-Formulas re specifically designed to match the patient’s symptom and diagnosis. They are modified to meet specific patient’s needs.
  • SUPPLEMENTS– All products offered pharmaceutical-grade and scientifically tested.
  • MOXIBUSITIOn-The warming of specific acupuncture point, used to stimulate movement blood to relieve and supplement the immune system.