Most Effective Facial Pressure Points – Acupressure Points for Healthy Skin

As we know that Acupressure Points are helpful in healing the health problems through a few simple pressure points. But many people don’t know that Acupressure has Facial Pressure Points and Massage Techniques for Skin related problems. By stimulating the correct Facial Acupressure Points, you can get a Healthy, Beautiful and Glowing Skin. Facial Pressure Points work on improving the Skin Tone, improves blood circulation and metabolism in the Skin. By applying Acupressure Points on a regular basis, you can get a Healthy, Smooth and Flawless Skin. Acupressure Points relieve the congested areas and relaxes the muscles.

  • Third Eye Point
  • Facial Beauty Point
  • Three Mile Point
  • Heavenly Appearance/Glow Point
  • Heavenly Pillar Point
  • Massage for Inner Eyebrows/Bridge of the Nose, Temples and beside Nostrils